Our Story

Our story began 25 years ago, with a small art store in an Atlanta mall, that focused on hand-painted art, imported from different countries. As trends changed and importing became tiresome, we began our idea to create an American manufactured canvas art that would be affordable and the quality could be controlled.

We are a Family owned business that has been making high quality stretched canvas art for the last 10 years.

 We build every stretched canvas by hand in our factory and each piece is inspected before shipping. Stretcher bars are made from a high density mdf to create a stronger support structure. Mechanical staplers are utilized for a tighter canvas tension. We can make almost any size canvas that you need with a 60" width capacity.



Please call for custom canvas sizing, wholesale orders, and money saving creative shipping options.

Here's a little more about our manufacturing process. We are a print-on-demand technology company that licenses with artists, photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators to bring authentic wall art to your home or business.

Our Epson and Canon large format printers utilize a wide color gamut (12 colors) that accurately reproduces even the most difficult colors. 

We print on paper, poly-blend canvas, and HD metal with high resolution imaging. Each canvas is coated with a UV resistant glaze to protect your images. Our HD metal art is sublimated into the aluminum sheet metal to create long-lasting color and fine details. Poly frames are available for the metal art line or the standard is a PVC backing with a CNC key hole for hanging.

Watch a demonstration of our large format printers and see the colors stand out: